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(This Challenge ended on Oct. 8th)


Ready to put your skills to the test? We're not talking about a test from your professor– we're talking about a data challenge with a cash prize! The individual winner of our Back-to-Campus Data challenge receives $1,000, and the university with the highest-average score receives a $1,000 grant. QuantHub will also provide a Certificate of Achievement to participants scoring in the top 10%.

Challenge Details 

The challenge covers data wrangling, exploration, and modeling and is designed for mid-level/intermediate students (undergraduate and masters students only) attending college in the US and Canada. Students must register for the challenge using a university email! The challenge is designed to take 3-4 hours and students are not required to complete the test in one sitting. More specifics about the challenge are below.


Registration Deadline: October 3rd at midnight CST

Challenge Begins: October 5th at 10 am CST

Challenge Ends: October 8th at midnight CST


Registration for this challenge has closed. Winners have been announced! (see below)

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About the Challenge


In this challenge, you will be working with online review/ratings data, performing a series of tasks consisting of data wrangling, exploration and modeling. The challenge requires you to complete the data tasks, showing your work in a Jupyter notebook, and answer task-related questions in both the Jupyter notebook and in your QuantHub portal.

When the challenge starts you'll receive an email to log into the QuantHub portal and begin. You'll have ample time to complete the challenge and you're not required to complete the challenge in one session. 

This challenge was designed by QuantHub's Chief Data Scientist, Nathan Black.



Participating Universities

Register now and represent your university! Any student attending a university in the

US or Canada can compete in the challenge!